Holiday Gift Guides 2019

This holiday season, don't just give your loved ones any plain old gift; give them something that inspires delight and that they will cherish for years to come!

We've narrowed down some of our best sellers based on different types of people in our lives: people who love having fun, people who work in an executive environment, people who enjoy life hacks and innovative solutions, and gifts to treat yourself!

As always, feel free to reach out if you need any additional suggestions or have any questions. 

The Fun Gift Guide

A touch of whimsy, color, and humor for those who love using their outfits as fun expressions of themselves! 

Gold Snake / Lightning Tie

 Mini-Triangle Socks

Gorilla Boxer

Glasses Tie Clip

Steel Mechanical Cufflinks

Poison Cigarette Case

Assorted Set of Pins

Mustache Tie Clip

The Executive Gift Guide

After all, they say to "dress for the job you want, not the job you have" for the CEO or aspiring CEO, 

Black Duo-Tone Diagonal Striped Tie

Olive Cable Knit Socks

Black Lambskin Gloves

Geometric Pocket Square

Plain Steel Tie Clip

Brass "Peace Dollar" Cuff Links

Notebook/Passport Case

Wide Leather Money Clip Wallet

The Life Hacks Gift Guide

From reversible bow ties to essential everyday carry items, these will help make life a tiny bit easier. 

Red/Blue Confetti Reversible Bow Tie

Navy Marled Wool Gloves

Canvas Shoulder Pack

Rechargeable Flashlight

Steel Keychain Cash Tin

Ox-Bone Inlay Folding Knife

New York Money Clip

Minimalist Elastic Wallet

Treat Yourself!

While you're at it, don't forget to grab something for yourself too.

Camel and Navy Window-Pane Scarf


Grey Wool Bow Tie

Drew Off-White Watch

Convex Brass Cuff

Flat Top Steel Ring

Yellow Zipper Leather Cardholder

iPhone 11 Pro Leather Cover

Navy/White Zig Zag Tie

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